Our service aim: to continue to create the best quality service for our customers
Every heart of the cooperation is a new experience and challenge, let us start from the communication of this pleasant cooperation!
Seriously treat every customer, we do not have to use oral language to praise our excellent, hundreds of cases, witnessed the growth of our.
high efficiency
Direct communication with designers and programmers! We advocate speed, love feelings go by like the wind the hurricane, so in 3-5 working days we provide you with the perfect solution, we refuse to procrastination!
High integrity
What customers are, what they are thinking, what they need, what we do, these questions have been bothering us. But after several years of practice, it is easy to find a good customer relationship, it is sincere!
Do not participate in the free ratio draft, we believe that the depth of


Be the best


The products like natural stone, texture and exquisite texture, antifouling compression wear-resisting, decorative effect and beautiful grand, highlights the strong cultural taste and fashion temperament, and space to make products better integrated, achieve perfect harmony with the environment products.

R & D advantage

Huge R & D team to do support, and constantly develop excellent classic products. And combined with Italy, Spain and many other international ceramic technology companies, ceramic industrial design companies and other external forces, increase new products, new technology research and development efforts.

Quality advantage

Through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, product quality is fully guaranteed. On the basis of comprehensive reference to international standards, the company relies on advanced modern production equipment and the persistent pursuit of product quality.

Production advantage

100 tons of aluminum ball mill, Italy "West system" roller engraving machine, and the construction of automatic control of roller kiln 438 meters long 16, 7200T automatic computer control system, the annual production capacity of more than 70 million square meters.

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